Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan talk about the importance of community on Podcast for the Common Good

Morris and Roldan Cover

Sounders stars Jordan Morris and Cristian Roldan love the city of Seattle.

Morris and Roldan chatted about their friendship, careers and views on community in the latest episode of Podcast for the Common Good.

The Podcast for the Common Good, which is operated by Together Washington, invites local figures to talk about the importance of building relationships to foster a stronger community.

In the episode, Morris and Roldan spoke at length about what the Seattle community means to them, as well as the importance of giving back to the city.

“We have a platform right now as athletes in Seattle,” said Morris. “People look at us to do the right things, and we both pride ourselves on being good people in that way because we know we can make an impact on other people’s lives.”

Added Roldan: “Some of these kids that we encounter each and every day might not have [a stable support network]. If you give them a positive experience, even if it’s for one minute, it can affect their lives. You never know what somebody’s going through.”

You can listen to the full episode here.



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