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Sounders to offer $1 deposits on 2015 Season Ticket Memberships until Nov. 14

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2015 Season Ticket Deposits
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Only $1

A dollar can’t get you much these days.

A sad excuse for a cheeseburger. Half a bus ticket. Six minutes on a payphone (ya know…when those things existed).

Until now, that is. $1 will go a very, very long way with the Sounders organization.

Starting today, the club is offering the chance to put a deposit down on a 2015 season ticket for just one dollar American. Yes, that’s right. One solitary greenback will get you priority access to a seat at CenturyLink Field next season.

Look at all the fun those people are having!

“We have the best home match experience in all MLS, thanks to our fans,” said John Rizzardini, the club’s Chief Revenue Officer. “We’d like to expand our 2015 season ticket membership and the $1 good faith deposit is our way of extending good karma to our new fans.”

So much good faith, so much #GoodPlayoffKarma…and we know you’re good for it, friends.

You have until November 14th to dig up three quarters, two dimes and a nickel from under your couch cushions or scour your laundry for that loose bill and put your deposit down RIGHT THIS WAY. After that, the deal will be gone like your acceptable waistline if you choose the burger instead.

We’d love to have you at CenturyLink Field next season for some more Rave Green fun…and if 2014 was any indication, 2015 is going to be something real special.



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