Stefan Frei

Stefan Frei creates magnificent matchday poster for Sounders match with San Jose

Stefan Frei 0617

We all know that Stefan Frei is good at keeping the Sounders FC goal free of soccer balls. That's kind of what he does for a living.

Outside of that though, he is an extremely talented artist. Extremely talented.

You've seen the art he created for himself, as in his body, as in the tattoos that he has covering half of his upper body in the debut Trademarks. If you didn't, you can watch below:

He's also good with a pad and paper, or in this case a digital stylus and expensive computer.

For the Sounders' Posters By The People program, which has seen fans submit designs for matchday posters for each of the club's home fixtures, Frei wanted in and created one for Saturday's match with San Jose.

It is...something else.

Just take it in. It is wonderful (be sure to click on the poster to get the blown up version showing EVERY LITTLE DETAIL).

I'd be happy with being able to draw my dog sleeping and have it somewhat resemble my lovable canine and not a deformed humanoid with hair in the wrong places. This is just some next-level detail and attention to it.

When speaking with Stef about his poster, he explained the creative vision that saw him draw inspiration from a number of his favorite artists for this little ditty that took the Swiss between 30-40 hours to complete. That's a lot of hours.

So when you're watching him make those ridiculous saves for the Sounders at CenturyLink Field (like this one for for him!), consider the other side of this awesomely cool guy. I'll stop gushing now.

If you want to submit your own poster to the program to get it right next to Stef's, you can do so here.

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