Three sisters celebrate Halloween with Cascadia-themed costumes

Cascadia Halloween

The idea first came to mind in July, well before all three Cascadia teams remained alive in the conference semifinal stage of the Audi 2017 MLS Cup Playoffs. So the timing couldn’t be better for these three sisters from Long Island, who continued a three-year tradition with an impressive Cascadia-themed costume.

“We recognize MLS is a fun league and the clubs try to make it as engaging as possible,” said Navdeep Cattry, who dressed up as the Seattle Sounders. “We imagined that three teams would be willing to participate, so we thought we could give it a try.”

Navdeep and her sisters felt it was the perfect costume since it was the only rivalry that comes in a package of three, compared to the typical derbies of two rivals. There was a problem, though – none of the sisters had any Cascadia swag outside of a couple coffee mugs.

After reaching out to the Cascadia clubs on Twitter, they received small packages of gear from all three teams. Of course, we had to include a replica MLS Cup ring to complete the outfit. In a very #PNW fashion, the photoshoot for this year’s costume took place in the pouring rain.

“We’re just really excited for how it all worked out,” Navdeep said. "It’s something we share to enjoy for ourselves and the MLS community.”

While Navdeep, a Marketing student at Fordham University, dressed as the Sounders, her older sisters donned full kits of Portland and Vancouver. Pardeep, a journalist, went with the Portland look, while Ravi, an attorney, featured the Whitecaps. Naturally, a Starbucks cup/umbrella combo, sliced log and hockey stick complemented the outfits.

The sisters grew up in a sports-oriented family, but became passionate for the game during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Ever since, the Cattry’s digest the sport obsessively, whether it’s watching international leagues or going all out for Halloween.

“This year’s outfit feels extra special,” Navdeep said. “Halloween is something we share together and we love how it all worked out.”

We can’t wait for the Cristian Roldan / Jordan Morris / Tyler Miller costume next year! At least that’s our suggestion…

Happy Halloween!



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