The World's Blog: Day 24

After the game a group of fans holding up a German flag with the words ‘DANKE’ summed up Deutschland's tournament. An exuberant Mannschaft blogger checks in back from South Africa, while La Celeste laments his final blog.

Germany 3, Uruguay 2

So what is the point of having this game? A 3rd/4th spot playoff game, what difference does it really make who comes third or fourth. Maybe, its FIFA’s way of giving a chance to the losing semi finalist’s to end the tournament on a winning note or FIFA’s way of making some more money. Whatever the reason, if history is to be believed these games are high scoring, well contested and exciting encounters.

And tonight’s game sure did live up to expectations. 5 goals in total, end to end stuff, a treat to watch and probably better than many of the Round of 16 and QF games during the tournament. Both teams played their natural game; it was good to see Germany in full flow after being stopped to do the same in the semi final. And most importantly it was great to see Thomas Mueller back, once again he showed how much Germany missed him in the semis. 5 goals in his first World Cup, amazing performance. And if he manages to keep form and fitness, he could end up playing in at least 3 world cups, maybe even 4.

Prior to the game I had read about Klose’s injury but was still hoping he could play some part in this game. It’s such a pity that he may never be able to break Ronaldo’s record. I’m sure, had he started the game he probably would have. But looking to the future, his absence meant a younger player…one for the future got a chance to perform. Throughout the world cup, I’ve been highly impressed by all of Germany’s young guns. Even though most people and the media cannot stop raving about Ozil and Mueller (which they should), I think players like Sami Khedira, Boateng, Nuer, Aogo were all very very impressive.

The German team deserves all the credit it can get, they started the tournament as complete outsiders and most importantly lost 5-6 of their regular team players through injury, guys like Ballack, Adler, Rofles to name a few. Yet kept their nerve and performed brilliantly, scoring goals at will in almost all games (3 more today). I doubt any other team would have been able to perform close to the way Germany did had they gone through what our team did prior to the tournament.

With today’s win, we now have the dubious distinction of being a country with the most 3rd place finishes in World Cup history. However, this also shows the level of consistency Germany has performed with over the years. Where it comes from? No idea, as long as they do, we the fans will be happy. After the game a group of fans holding up a German flag with the words ‘DANKE’ summed up our tournament.

Thank you Germany for this impressive team and for entertaining us, we look forward to even better times. As someone who visited South Africa, I was also very impressed by the host nation; I don’t think FIFA could have picked a better host. A wonderful tournament in a beautiful country lets hope after July 11th I will be able to hear the vuvuzelas in football games across the globe. ;)

Ashton  Rezayat
Username: ashreza

I must admit that when I last wrote you I was in total SHOCK and DISBELIEF that La Celeste would not be playing in the final. It’s not that I put them there from the start, but after their amazing run you almost figured that the final is where they were destined to be. Instead of in the final they find themselves in the third place game with the Germans – a team playing in its third consecutive third place game.

I must have been in DENIAL when I saw that the most famous octopus in the world picked Germany to beat Uruguay today. I was BARGAINING that the octopus did not know that Uruguay was playing their strongest line-up while Germany was going in with backups and youngsters. Or maybe the octopus did know – it seems to be picking games better than anyone or anything else to this point.

Luis Suarez, Uruguayan national hero, returned from his one game suspension due to the handball and should feel absolutely no GUILT. I know that I don’t. He only did what anyone else in their right mind would have done. The fans in the stands spent the game showing their ANGER by vehemently booing Suarez every time he touched the ball. Of course if Gyan only knew how to take a penalty kick…

The game itself was entertaining; but nobody really cares about third place once you’ve been knocked out of the main event. Mueller, the young star of the tournament, put the Germans up 1-0. The Uruguayan Cavani tied it up. The best player of the tournament, Diego Forlan, put Uruguay up with a wonderful goal, his fifth of the Cup. Unfortunately, it was not enough. Germany scored the next two to make the score 3-2. Forlan’s shot banged off the post at the last second – a fitting end for the Uruguayans considering it was the post that saved them against Ghana. Germany would finish in third place, with Uruguay taking fourth.

DEPRESSION sank in. Not only because Uruguay is done, but because another World Cup is history as of tomorrow afternoon. The World Cup happens so infrequently that they almost serve as yardsticks for one’s life; as if they are notches in a doorway measuring your height every four years. You have to figure that if you are extremely lucky that you will see 25 of these things. More likely is that you will see 15-20. Cherish them while you can. I know that I have.

The last thing to do is ACCEPT that the 2010 World Cup, the first hosted by an African country, is done. And to HOPE that the Americans and the Uruguayans, or whomever you root for, will be back, and better, in 2014; to HOPE that we can bring the World Cup to the United States in 2018 or 2022; to HOPE that the Sounders can fill up their/our trophy cabinet to keep us busy in between now and then; and to HOPE that we are around long enough to be able to enjoy the next World Cup.

Until then, get out in your community and help this amazing sport grow. Play, coach, cheer, and yes, even ref (I know it’s a tough job). And don’t let the SEVEN STAGES OF GRIEF get you down for too long; they will pass before you know it, perhaps even by the time you are done reading this. Thanks for reading these blogs; I’ve had fun writing them. I HOPE to see you in Brazil in 2014. It will be here before you know it. Maybe next time it will be your team making miracles happen. Cheers.