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Democracy In Action

After months of work, the Alliance took a dramatic step forward in Democracy in Sports on Monday.

When Drew Carey joined the ownership group of the Sounders FC, he envisioned a democratic system among the club’s fans that would allow them to participate in some of the decisions made by the organization.

The Sounders FC and their supporters took a dramatic step forward for Democracy In Sports on Monday when the Alliance released their Constitution to be ratified by the Alliance members online.

The Constitution provides groundwork for the advancement of Democracy within the club and was a long work in progress that was set in motion when Paul Cox, Greg Roth and Dave Clark began meeting in January.  That group quickly grew to a ten-person sub-committee that met throughout the year to put together the final product that was released on Monday.

“There are many who would’ve liked this done sooner,” Cox said.  “But I think that the slow and steady process will make for a better product.  It’s a big opportunity.”

The Constitution outlines membership eligibility, the voting process and the Officers of the Alliance, among other things that dictate how the Alliance will operate and govern itself.

“We didn’t know the formula,” said Director of Business Development Bart Wiley.  “We have been learning along with the Council and those 22 people will help shape what the club will do.”

Meanwhile the Charter contains items the club will allow the Alliance to influence.

“Fans have a voice that can be heard by Joe Roth, who then can present firm data to the league office,” Cox said.

That voice is hardly limited to the vocal supporter groups that are so prominently heard on match days, either. 

“What’s important is that everybody had a voice at the table, from the supporter groups to the soccer moms.  It really does provide a common voice for the whole soccer community,” Cox explained.  “You can see it in the documents.  It was always on people’s minds to make sure that everyone’s needs are met without hurting someone else.”

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