Men in Kilts: Levesque style

As anyone who knows Roger Levesque, even if you've only seen his extravagant goal celebrations realizes, the free-spirited Sounder is a character. Roger suited up in a kilt to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

Roger Levesque didn’t just embrace the idea of donning a kilt for a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser; the Sounders FC forward caressed it.

“I’m pretty comfortable in a skirt, to be honest,” Levesque cracked after his photo shoot for the competition. “Any time I get a chance to wear a skirt I’m a happy man, especially one as stylish as this.”

Glancing down at his garb, which also was enhanced by his bread and flowing locks, he added, “I feel pretty comfortable and it could be my next wardrobe purchase is what I’m thinking.”

Levesque showed up for the “Men in Kilts” photo session wearing boots that were the perfect accessory for his kilt, matching sash and ruffled shirt.

“I thought the invitation said BYOB – bring your own boots,” he said, with a straight face.

The premise of the fund-raising event is simple: Go to, view the kilted contestants and vote for your favorite. The $25 fee per vote sponsors one night of housing for a family at Ronald McDonald House.

Levesque’s competition includes Seahawks guard John Moffitt; U.S. freestyle skier Patrick Deneen; Jonathan Porretta of the Pacific Northwest Ballet; composer/producer Mateo Messina; Jeffery Haynes of the Seattle Fire Department; Eric Sano of the Seattle Police Department; Sean Hoffert of the U.S. Coast Guard and a former Ronald McDonald House resident; McDonald’s owner/operator Len Giannola; and the KJR-AM trio of Ian Furness, Jason Puckett and Josh Sabrowsky.

The idea for the fundraiser was borrowed from another Ronald McDonald House event in Michigan.

“They were very successful and raised about $40,000, so we thought it was a great idea,” said Vanessa Kirk Briley, co-director of development for the regional Ronald McDonald House.

A good cause? Obviously. A good look? Well …

“Any chance you get to dress up is always a lot of fun, especially in this case where you get to support the Ronald McDonald House,” Levesque said. “We’re going to have a little fun, create a little buzz. So it’s absolutely awesome.”

There also was one other plus involved in the photo shoot. “I did get a chance to rock a battle axe, as well,” he said, wielding the weapon like he knew what he was doing. “It’s not every day you get to say that I was running around with a battle axe.”

Which participant will claim the King of the Kilt title? Their legs will carry one to the crown, with the winner to be announced April 14 during festivities at Georgetown Brewing Company.

“Whoever wins it, I think we’re all going to have a good time with it,” Levesque said. “And raise some money for a good cause.”