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Seahawks and Sounders FC License Plates FAQ

Available January 2014, all proceeds from Seahawks and Sounders FC license plates will benefit youth organizations across WA.

Q.         When can I get my plate?
A.         The plates will go on sale on January 1, 2014.

Q.         How do I order? Can I buy online?
A.         You can purchase special license plates by completing a special license plate application available on the Department of Licensing’s (DOL) website (  You may either mail the completed form with a check or money order to the DOL headquarters office in Olympia, or bring it to your local vehicle licensing office. You cannot purchase special license plates online.

Q.         My mom is a huge Seahawks fan and I’d like to get her a plate for her birthday this year. Can I pre-order?
A.         Only a registered car owner can purchase special license plates for their vehicle. Unfortunately, there are no pre-orders.

Q.         How much will the plates cost?
A.         Sounders FC or Seahawks license plate will each cost $67.75 for passenger vehicles, $49.75 for motorcycles / small trailers, and $55.75 for a large trailer. This does not include any sub-agent or renewal fees that may be required. This fee represents the standard DOL plate fees plus a $40 special license plate fee. Of this $40, $28 goes to the organization’s charity and is tax-deductible.

Q.         Do the Seahawks/Sounders FC make any money from the sale of the plates?
A.         No

Q.         Which organizations will benefit from the sale of the Seahawks and Sounders FC license plates?
A.         Net proceeds from Seahawks plate sales will go to InvestED ( , a Seattle-based non-profit that partners with schools statewide to help students from low-income families pay for clothes, shoes, school activity cards, testing fees and other student needs. 

            The bulk of the proceeds from Sounders FC plate sales will benefit Washington State Mentors (, a public/private partnership based in Issaquah that provides grants and assistance to youth organizations across the state. 

            A third non-profit, the Association of Washington Generals (, is to receive a smaller portion of the Sounders FC plate sales. The AWG recognizes outstanding individuals and promotes a variety of civic and veterans causes.

Q.         What is the process for getting a special number or phrase on my plate?
A.         A personalized license plate message, if available, may be purchased by completing a personalized license application, selecting the desired background design and either mailing it with a check or money order to DOL headquarters office in Olympia or by visiting the King County Auditor’s office in Seattle.

            Personalized plate phrases or numbers used on standard background or other specialty plates may not be available. For instance, the term “12MAN” is already in use on a standard background plate; it is not available on any other plate. Variations of the term/phrase “12MAN”, such as “12FAN”, may also already be in use.

            Personalized plates with specialty backgrounds cost $109.75 for passenger vehicles, $91.75 for motorcycles/small trailers, and $97.75 for large trailer plates. 

Q.         Will there be a drawing, auction or something for numbers that are in high demand?
A.         The recipients of the first 25 license plates (sequentially) will be selected by the non-profit groups.    More details will be announced next fall. DOL does not hold auctions or drawings for the remainder of the plates.

Q.         How many plates are expected to be sold?
A.         It will depend on the demand. 

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