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Sound Off - Clint arrives; DeAndre gets a new locker; Brad eats steak

You all know what will be covered in this week's Sound Off. Clint Drew Dempsey. Enjoy!

Well that was certainly quite the weekend, eh? Your Seattle Sounders Football Club unveiled one of the biggest signings in Major League Soccer history as USMNT captain Clint Dempsey joined as a Designated Player. Wow. Not only that, but the club put a 3-0 hurting on FC Dallas in front of 40,000 crazed supporters at CenturyLink Field.

In honor of the big announcement...let's sift through all the reactions to Clint's arrival in the latest "Sound Off."

Link Madness - Get them while they're hot!

First and foremost, you better check out hub for all things Clint right this way. From all our features and articles, to videos and photo galleries, this spot has it all. (Dempsey Central)

Over at SI, Andy Glockner examines how the American continues to choose his own path to success (

The League site flips the script a bit and takes a look at the franchise that is the Seattle Sounders and how the ownership continues to raise the bar. (

Didn't go final when this one came out, but Fox Soccer liked the idea of the move. (

Clint's other big focus besides the Sounders is the USMNT, a team which he wants to help reach greater heights (

ESPNFC wonders whether this is the right move for Dempsey or not. (

Major League Soccer...all about making statements. (

Clint Dempsey...all about fishing and repping the Nac. His twitter account, though slightly outdated...still worth a follow (obviously). (

This is a pretty sweet chart/map/graph thing that lays out how certain people feel about the Dempsey move and provides their commentary, too. (American Soccer Now)

Tottenham go to The Dude's school of saying goodbyes. #brevity (Tottenham)

MLS Recap – A quick look back at the weekend’s play in the one and only Major League Soccer

The two other Cascadia teams who shall not be named helped the Sounders with a 1-1 draw - RECAP | Chivas' woes continued as San Jose topped the struggling club by a 2-0 score - RECAP | Same goes for Columbus who dropped a 3-1 result to Houston - RECAP | The two teams from the mountains tied 2-2; another good result for Seattle - RECAP | The Red Bulls took first in the East after their 3-2 win over Sporting KC - RECAP

Tweets of the Week – The best Sounders-related nuggets in 140 characters or less

Sounders veteran defender Zach Scott has a little fun at the expense of the club's rookie defender. So much win.

Brad teases us big time and then tells us what he's having for dinner. Well played, sir.

If you didn't know by now, Zach Scott is the King of Twitter.

Instagram of the Week - kinds of awesome

Cannot WAIT to see this at CenturyLink Field over and over and over.

Video of the Week - Watch and be impressed

Rave TV from Clint Dempsey's unveiling as a Sounders FC player. It was a good day.