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A Social Timeline: #SEAvPOR

The Cascadia Cup race heated up on Sunday as the Sounders took a 1-0 result from the Timbers in front of a record crowd at CenturyLink Field.

The Sounders played their much-anticipated match against the Portland Timbers on Sunday night in front of a record 67,385 people at CenturyLink Field. Take that sentence in again. It was a sight to behold, both on and off the pitch, as the social content created from the event was extremely impressive.

From the march to the match, to the tifo pictures to the comments on Eddie Johnson's fabulous headed goal...there was something for everyone. To capture all the best bits that social media had to offer, we proudly present the #SEAvPOR social timeline. NOTES: Let this baby load. All posts are from the day of the match.

The day begins with the customary #SoundersMatchday! tweet. Always gets people going.

DeAndre, being from the Seattle area, was quite excited for this his second Portland match.

Rapper Asher Roth was in town for the match. More from him soon

Straight from Zimbabwe, Sounders legend Roger Levesque sent out a little message of support that his good buddy Taylor Graham relayed.

Broadcaster Ross Fletcher breaks down the numbers for you all. Pretty impressive stuff.

Some support comes in from our good friends at the Seahawks.

...and from their head coach, Pete Carroll. Everyone just loves Seattle sports.

Our friend Asher took in the March to the Match.

Speaking of the march, I was right in the thick of it. Unbelievable.

Then this happened.

Over on @LIVESounders, I tend to get pretty excited. This was just the start of it.

This was so astounding that I was stunned into silence on @LIVESounders as I could not take my eyes off of what was being unveiled in front of me. Forever thankful for this and all the work it took.

The tifo in action. Beautiful

Then we had the kickoff. It. Was. On.

The first of many such chants. Unreal how loud it was.

That no.8 on Portland is a good player, no matter what team you support, you have to admit that. He was everywhere on Sunday.

Standard procedure right there.

Then Mauro and EJ blew the roof off the joint. What an effort. Mauro totally changed the match.

There's your proof. Wowzers.

Salute indeed. Eddie and Clint show us their signature celebration.

Seattle loves soccer, if that wasn't obvious by now.

Clint is pretty good at soccer, says the laughs of the media.

The rest of the match had us on the edge of our seats but in the end the three points belonged to the Sounders.

So much love.

Brad is such a great dude. Love that kind of passion.

In his own words...

Then Zach's. Brief but to the point. Nothing is more Seattle-Portland than Zach.

A Herculean effort by this guy on the night...and he loved every minute.

Want to know more about the tifo? Check this link.

No thank you, ECS.

What a night. What. A. Night.