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Large crowd to bring larger noise

Friday's match may not have the cache of facing Portland or Los Angeles, but something more important is on the line - first place. You will be there. You will be heard.

It seems odd to hype you. You’ve been there for so much. Cascadia Cups, season openers, and playoff matches on Halloween. You know what it means to be a Sounder. You live it. Friday night is a bit different, though. First place is on the line. A trophy is within sight.

This isn’t a hype post. This is a reminder of who you are. You are Sounders – eternal blue, forever green. You are members of an Alliance. We are the backbone of something that is soccer and greater. Those with season tickets know our duty. Those without are coming.

While tickets are available, they are limited. This is the not-quite-a-rival. The team most like ourselves. They have an MLS Cup, while Seattle has three US Open Cups in the past four plus years. Both teams made CONCACAF Champions League history. Neither completed the task. Sounders FC has 17 more wins in all competitions from 2009 to the present, but in MLS play the two are much more comparable.

Like Sounders FC, Real Salt Lake is built from the back to the front. Every year their defense is strong. Their signature players are along the spine. They currently hold the points lead in all of MLS due to an offense that is hard to contain.

Friday night we are needed. Those players need you and your friends and neighbors and associates. This team that represents you inhales your spirit and exhales points. Large crowds aren’t just about pride of marketing. Large crowds are points.

Six wins with more than 50,000 people. That’s kind of a small number for such an important match though. First place is on the line. The Supporters’ Shield could come down to this one game.

This is not a hype post. This is a recognition that you are supporters, fans and Sounders. This is the recognition that you will be there for important matches. This is not about rivalry. This is about victory. This is about Sounders FC. Friday night is about you.

Clad in Rave Green, Cascadia Shale, Sounder Blue, Electricity Yellow and Super Cyan we approach. With one purpose we move on our fortress. Our souls laid bare. You may be my family, my friend, my associate or a complete stranger. On Friday night you are my Sounder. You are me. Together.

It sounds like thunder.