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Sound Off - FIFA14 review; Zlatan gets mean; WSU popcorn dude

Another quality week of links as we turn our attention to a fan of a different game at CenturyLink Field. Really, it's mesmerizing.

Seattle battled New York to a very entertaining 1-1 draw last night at CenturyLink Field. It was a late night for me so you get "Sound Off" at the special lunch time slot. Some quality stuff this week. Check it out below.


Link Madness - Get them while they're hot!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a moody moody man. How can you not like Pep? HIS NAME IS PEP! (

There were some solid performances by Americans abroad this weekend. (

My buddies over at the Sounder At Heart internet website did a pretty detailed FIFA14 review. Some good stuff there for all you gamers (like moi). (Sounder At Heart)

Ever wonder about who is hurt (and for how long) on your Premier League team? This is a handy site I've been referring to for a few years. (Physio Room)

Does Mario Balotelli have to clean up his act? Nahhhhhh. (

Look out, world...Peter Vermes is mad at the world for things that everyone in soccer does. (

We've got a pretty tight Supporters' Shield race this year, don't we? Mr. Ives over at Goal breaks down the pack. (Goal)

A couple of big name coaches with big name jobs are in big time trouble in Europe.  (

No knee surgery for Jermaine Jones. Good stuff. (

Jose Mourinho stormed out of a press conference this week. Absolutely love that guy. (Goal)


MLS Recap – A quick look back at the weekend’s play in the one and only Major League Soccer

San Jose keeps its playoff hopes alive (I think?) with a very narrow 1-0 victory over those Chivas USAers - RECAP | Could Columbus be the sleeper team heading into the playoffs? They whooped up on Dallas on Sunday - RECAP | Portland and LA went after it on Sunday with the 'Bers edging the Gals in a 1-0 match - RECAP | Things not looking great for Vancouver at the mo. A 1-0 loss to RSL is proof of that. They'll be here next week - RECAP | The winner of the worst of the worst is... - RECAP

Tweets of the Week – The best Sounders-related nuggets in 140 characters or less

Priorities, people. Priorities!


Well said, Zach. Big news around MLS. Congrats on a great career, Brian.



Seattle invented amazing support.



Instagram of the Week - kinds of awesome

Top 5 best looking families in history right there.





Video of the Week - Watch and be impressed



This. Over and over and over and over. What a guy! Have we found him yet?