Clint Dempsey vs. Dallas 11-1-2015
Dan Poss

Social Timeline: Crazy 4-4 draw with the Portland Timbers at Providence Park

Have you recovered yet? Do you believe it actually happened the way it did? Nope, me either. Still trying to wrap my head around that one...but boy was it amazing to be a part of. Yes, your Seattle Sounders FC faught back twice against the hated Portland Timbers in a thrilling 4-4 match that saw Designated Player Clint Dempsey bag a memorable hat trick.

Let's take a look back on the day from a social media perspective...because there was a LOT that hit the interwebs.

To get you all in the mood for this epic rivalry...

Then the Seahawks sent some luck our way. So much loves.

It was nearly time to march.

The day had arrived. Time to head south.

Probably my favorite picture ever. That's me with the beard, you guys.

Following the long travels south, we made it to Portland.

I got to my seat...and didn't have cookies. Yet...

Then the team arrived. There were cheers.

It was good to be back. Love the support for this one.

Your Sounders FC lineup.

And then in our fancy new video format!

Hat tip to the Timbers Army for this. Thank you.

Obligatory panoramic picture.

Go. Time.

Goal. Time. (It was actually Cooper who got the last touch.)

Portland got one back.

And then another…


Then it was halftime and I got a chance to breathe.


Boooo! again

Clint is a man who loves a bit of the dramatics…

So excited I could barely spell our team’s name.

4-4! Wowzers

Unreal match. Just unreal.

Yes, yes it was.

Hi Jurgen!

Three goals for Deuce. More of that please.

DeAndre was impressed with that one.

Count them up. All great to take in. Good day!