Clint Oba

Sound Off - Clint & Oba; Sacramento's big crowd; Chad loves Whitney

There is no stopping this Sounders attack lately. Just goals on goals on goals. That was clearly evident on Saturday as the club welcomed the Colorado Rapids to town by dropping a 4-spot on their head, with two from Deuce. As always, lots from him in Sound Off. Dig in, friends.

Link Madness - Get them while they're hot!

The Sounders continue to work things up the middle of the pitch (

Sacramento had 20,000 peeps at their opening USL Pro match. Hey now! (

Amazing scenes at Anfield this weekend as Liverpool slipped up (literally in the race for the EPL title (

Dani Alves, you are the man. Great way to make something negative into something positive…kind of (

So fans are pretty crazy in Poland. Is it hot in here? (Bleacher Report)

RIP Tito (Goal)

Sounder At Heart has a gif roundup…and since we moved offices today, I can’t make you all a gif. Perfect! (Sounder At Heart)

Mario Balotelli continues to be the center of attention, which is totally fine by me (

Burnout and fade away (

MLS Recap – A quick look back at the weekend’s play in the one and only Major League Soccer

San Jose scored a goal! - RECAP | Kansas City didn’t! :-) - RECAP | DC scored a bunch and beat FC Dallas 4-1…say what? - RECAP | Montreal got its first win of 2014 after a 1-0 result against the Sounders next opposition, Philly - RECAP | No wins for Portland. Not one - RECAP

Tweets of the Week – The best Sounders-related nuggets in 140 characters or less

Tweet of the year and it’s not even close

Very true, Tristan.

Sure why not.

Instagram of the Week - kinds of awesome

I want to frame this and put it on every wall I own

Video of the Week - Watch and be impressed

Some real silly goals by the Sounders this week. Real silly.