Clint Dempsey

He scores when he likes: All of Clint Dempsey's April goals

April was a pretty solid month for Clint Dempsey. This morning he was named the Etihad MLS Player of the Month because duh. He was also MLS Player of the Week twice. MLS Team of the Week three times. He scored seven goals, assisted on two more. Was involved in all but one of the Sounders 13 goals this past month. 

He's pretty good at the old soccer ball.

To refresh your memory on all of these great accomplishments, here are his goals from April. You do you, Clint. You do you.

Goal number one. Against Portland. We were all happy about this one.Goal number two...also against Portland. The comeback was on! Goal number guessed it, against Portland. Comeback complete. The Dallas match. For some reason we don't have his individual goals up but just watch anyway...this one was fun. Colorado goal number one. The touch to get it started just stop it RIGHT THIS MINUTE! And then goal number seven. If there could ever be a majestic rainbow header, this would be it. Sublime.