Chad Marshall 2

Social Timeline: Another comeback win for the Sounders thanks in large part to Chad Marshall

It just doesn't get old, does it? The Sounders, yet again, fought their way back in a match to take all the points. This time it was the Philadelphia Union who were the victims of this unrelenting motivation as they head back to the East Coast (and this guy's hometown) with their tail between their collective legs.

As I do each week here on, let's recap the day's events from a Social Media me, you won't be disappointed.

First this happened and it just rocked our world on Friday night. I was in the movie theater when I found out, so that was fun.

The HoneyBadger tweets and it is amazing.

And then, of course, the best tweet of all the tweets.

Lamar was pretty excited about it.

So was I, apparently. A bit too excited.

We just love this song. We being me. The royal we.

Then we had this and I totally messed up the hashtag. It was raining. Whoops.

Look how beautiful!

Your lineup in text form…with the right hashtag this time.

Yep. Making it look easy - even indoors.

He could probably tweet…”BOO Sounders” and people would still love him. Ok maybe not.

Second best tweet of the day.

Jackie is too good to me. Seriously. She’s the best.

Then it was GO TIME.

This was annoying. Very annoying.

Fantastic stuff from the crowd AS ALWAYS. Never ceases to amaze me.

That was a pain in the bum.

There it was! Great awareness by Oba in the box. Just lethal.

Then THIS! Finally Chad got one to go in after weeks of nearlys. Great headed finish to give Seattle the lead.

And that was that. Three more points. IN. THE. BAG.

It’s a beautiful thing. What a guy.

Sigi was a proud coach after this one.

As was our boy Drew Carey. Hi Drew!

Chad really loves being in Seattle, you guys. Really loves it.

Not at all. More of the same, please.

Marco…game changer once more.

Djimi loves it as well.

Brad was back and super pumped.