Goal Celebration

Social Timeline: Seattle keeps riding the comeback wave in victory over FC Dallas

Am I writing the same Social Timeline again? Has the same match happened twice in a row? Is any of this real? What's my purpose in life? 

POSTING AWESOME SOCIAL POSTS, THAT'S WHAT! Yes, we're back here for another Social Timeline starring your favorite Major League Soccer club, the Seattle Sounders FC, and yet again, it's all good news and rainbows as the club knocked off FC Dallas for the second time this year in thrilling fashion with a 2-1 win on Wednesday night.

Let us bring back the joy through social media. Come on, join me...

Nope, Clint wasn't done with Dallas...or the rest of the Sounders for that matter.

Then the day came. On a Wednesday! How lucky we all are!

Dallas likes us. I’m ok with this.

Silly DeAndre…you know that 40,000 people will show up, regardless of the rain.

It was Lamar’s birthday yesterday! More from him soooooon.

Look how nice Occidental Park looked!

Jackie has got so good at Twitter. I’m really proud of her.

We march together.

Your Sounders FC lineup to beat Dallas.

Let’s do this! Game onnnnnnnnnnn!

Wait, what? Again?


Then I sang to him in a tweet. It was awesome.

Josh is the king of numbers - good and bad ones. All good right now though.

Wait for it…

Waaaaaaaaaait for it…

BOOM! Totally called that one RIGHT before it happened. Gosh, I’m pretty great.

…and that’s all she wrote. Five straight wins. W-W-W-W-W.

Look how happy they are! It’s nice to win matches.

Drew was happy. Duh.

Brad shows some love as well. <3

And Chad, my favorite guy in the whole world.

Happy Birthday Lamarrrrrrrrr!

Caption says it all.