Obafemi Martins

Social Timeline: Obafemi Martins stunning chipped goal leads Sounders over Earthquakes

Wow. Just wow. Like wow. It took a few times of watching before I could really process Obafemi Martins goal. Just absolutely sublime finish from the Nigerian and a big "did you see that?!" to his national team manager Stephen Keshi for not calling him into the World Cup squad. Oh well, their loss is our gain.

This might as well be a Social Timeline of Obafemi Martins posts but stick with me here. Three points is three points, right?

Little precursor to this one. Pretty telling really.

Hey! The Roundtable Podcast is back! (shameless plug)

You sure did, Seattle. You sure did.

BOOOOOOOM! Never gets old.

You tell them, Ozzie.

It got very loud, Chad. He loved it, too.

This was fun. The good old days and such.

We miss you B-rad!

You guys are the best, every week.

Because obviously is right, Arlo. His first experience at the March and LOVED it.

So much boom, so much clap.

And then we were off!

Then Oba did this…and I was at a loss.

Just stop it, Oba. Stop it right meow.

Halftime. Just wow.

Then we hear the attendance. You guys are incredible.

Final. That’s it. Second half flew by. Sounders win 1-0. Oba the main man.

We still miss you B-rad!

What a picture. Jon Busch doesn’t even know what’s coming.

Here it is. Watch again and again and again.

This was excellent as well. Proud to have you at the match.

Ozzie was pleased also., obviously.

You said it, Dylan. Great stuff.

I’ll leave this with you. Because it never gets old. Love it.