Social Timeline: Sounders extend lead atop MLS standings with 4-0 victory over Real Salt Lake

How's everyone doing today? Got over the sheer joy created by the Sounders thumping 4-0 victory over Real Salt Lake? Yeah, me either. It really was quite the day and easily Seattle's best performance of the season. And because of that, the club has widened the gap at the top of the table from the rest of the pack. Money, baby.

As we do every week here at, let us peruse all the activity on the social networks to help paint a fun picture of the match. What a match it was. Still can't really believe it. Here we go.

You guys were certainly ready.

Yep. Best tweet everrrrrrrr.

I was ermmmm pretty excited about the match?

Chad was ready. And he proved it later that day.

Your lineup that would take on RSL on Saturday. They did well, me thinks.


This was a big call. We will take it.

Cool. As. You. Like. Gonzo is my hero. Just decided.

Going into the half, the Sounders were up. Things wouldn’t change.

That was just lovely. So so lovely.

Wasn’t long until we got another one. 3-0. Booooooom, baby.

Then Oba sealed the deal. So nice.

Game. Set. Match.

Shouldn’t you be getting ready for Brazil, DeAndre? :-)

We miss you, too, Kasey.


Yes it was, Chad. Yes it was.

Look at how pumped Chad was!!!

All the fun in one little video.

What a beauty it was from Marco.

Statement = made. Look out, MLS.

We’ll miss you CenturyLink. See you in July.