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Sound Off - Gonzo hearts Seattle; NYCFC adds Villa; fun with paper airplanes

Top of the league! Top of the league! We're Sounders FC and we're top of the league! Yep, feels pretty good right now but a long, long way to go still. In beating RSL 4-0 on Saturday in front of nearly 40,000, the Sounders ended the visitors' unbeaten start to the year and made a serious statement of intent. Good stuff. That's all in the past though. Chicago up next...after the links. Dig in.

Link Madness - Get them while they're hot!

Is this finally the year that Germany wins the World Cup? (Hint: they’re really good) (ESPNFC.com)

The US and A has had some pretty excellent goalkeepers in its day. Tim Howard just became the winningest of the lot (ESPNFC.com)

NYCFC has its first player…and he’s a good one (MLSSoccer.com)

Always liked Roger Espinoza. Some good quotes from him here (MLSSoccer.com)

Watching the World Cup? Of course you are. Here’s your full viewer’s guide (SI.com)

Should we be worried about Jozy Altidore’s lack of goals? (SI.com)

Howler Magazine is pretty cool. Their World Cup issue is pretty cooler (Howler Magazine)

Oh Wesley you cheeky boy… (FOXSoccer.com)

Hey! I was in Tucson a few months ago! (FOXSoccer.com)

Liga MX rules the airwaves in the USA. Interesting. (Goal)

MLS Recap – A quick look back at the weekend’s play in the one and only Major League Soccer

Crazy game in Portland as the Timbers fall to Cascadia rivals Vancouver 4-3 on Sunday - RECAP | Colorado is quietly turning things around as they bested Houston - RECAP | We’re off to Chicago this week, a team that drew 1-1 with LA Galaxy - RECAP | Things haven’t looked great for the Union lately but this 3-0 win over Chivas USA will help - RECAP | San Jose got the better of FCD in this 2-1 contest - RECAP

Tweets of the Week – The best Sounders-related nuggets in 140 characters or less

National hero right there. Good luck in Brazil, DeAndre!

Amen, Lamar. What a match, what a shot.

Ugo is the realist man on the Twitters. Says it like it is and it's quite entertaining.

Instagram of the Week - Picture...video...all kinds of awesome

Coming to a pitch in Brazil this month. LET'S GO USA!

GIF of the Week - All the frames, all the fun

Look at all those hearts! Just hearts on hearts on hearts.

Video of the Week - Watch and be impressed

How amazing is this? I used to love paper airplanes. Well done, chap.