Stefan Frei

Social Timeline: The match that had it all - including three more points for the league-leading Sounders

The fun just never stops with this team, does it? I mean holy moly what a contest against the Chicago Fire on Saturday night. Goals, red cards, penalties, shoe-shining. A bit of everything in the Sounders 3-2 victory over the Eastern Conference club.

With the win, Seattle heads into the World Cup break atop the Major League Soccer standings with a very, very impressive 32 points from 15 matches. It also makes my job much easier, so there's that. For now, let's sit back and enjoy the win from a Social Media perspective...because we won't have another one of these fine little ditties (MLS style, anyway) for three whole weeks! Boy oh boy.

NEWSFLASH: Nothing changed here, despite my best efforts to jinx us.

NEWSFLASH #2: His dome wouldn’t be the last thing Marcus shined this weekend.

Chad was fantastic. Give it a listen.

Hey nowwwwww. I mixed it up on you there, didn’t I?

My sources tell me that that was a fun day.

Let’s see if they can do it, Cotton.

So much #SeattleLove it hurts.

Would you just look at that studly human being!

A man of the people, that guy.

Brad was feeling pretty loose.

Lineups were in. Couple former Fire guys back in Chi-town.

So much Rave.


Look at those beauties piling in!

The obligatory press box pano. Technology.

Boom, let’s do this.

Obaaaa so hungry!

That’s Oba’s motto, so you know.

Bummer to see JKH dismissed but that was a bad tackle and GOALLLL!!! 2-0 Sounders.

And then this.

And then this. Yep. Things got real cray cray all up in there.

Stefan Frei was huge in this one. Also, nicest dude ever.

Then Lamar puts the icing on the cake.

Yep, just like that. So much boom.

That Shipp dude is pretty good.

That’s all she wrote. 1st Place.

Drink it in, Sounders fans.

I mean, absolutely amazing.


So much love. So so much.

We love you, too, DeAndre.

The Reign beat Chicago, too. Good stuff.

You were a huge part of it, Stef.

Captain Brad.

Ozzie is happy, we are happy.

I’m sitting next to Jalil on the plane as I type this :-)

We also miss Clint, but that’s fine. See you in a few weeks, friends.