Goal Celebration

Social Timeline: Sounders record second victory over Portland in a week while 64,000 watch on

What a day! WHAT A DAY, SEATTLE! 

First, I got to wake up, scoot on over to the bus stop and head down to Occidental Park for the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina (and got some free soccer out of it thanks to a couple of stingy defenses) AND THEN...the Sounders beat the Timbers for the second time in a week. 2-0 was the score. Clint Dempsey returned, scored. Marco Pappa did his thing and got a goal as well. And there was this little matter of the b-eau-tiful sunset that adorned the side of a PACKED CenturyLink Field.

An amazing day for soccer in the magnificent city of Seattle. Let us recap, socially.


I was, I was, I was, I was, I was!

This tifo. Just makes me gasp every time I see it. Unreal.

The day had finally come.

Yes, slightly excited here.

DeAndre was ready to get at it.

We had a little viewing party lined up.

And duh.

Obvious answer here.

Yes, yes it was.

A little message from the one and only Clint Dempsey.

The viewing party was fun fun fun.

Even the Seahawks love it!

Hehehe see what I did there?

That biddy did not lie.

A little refresher for all, y’all.

Unreal, Seattle. I heart you so.

Yes Djimbo.

Time to throw down.

Look how great Roger looks!


Lineups. Killer lineups.


Get those scarves up…also, this is going to be the longest Social Timeline of all the Social Timelines in all the Social Timeline lands.

Hi Clint :-)

Never gets old.

Tifos, we do them in Seattle.

All square at the break.

Look at those beauties.

Just unreal, Seattle. You are so incredible it hurts.

The tiff…as it happened.


How it happened…

That is corrrrrreccccct.

No fair! Marco wanted in on the action!

And that’s all she wrote. Seattle 2 (goals and wins), Portland 0 (goals and wins).

Yep. Super happy.

Awww Sportscenter!

Yes Djimbo againnnnn!

Oh Zach, how we love thee.

Look at those faces!

Just wow. Stunning scenes last night.

Dream come true? YES STEFAN.

Our new guys loved it.

Look at the loveeeeee!

Yes it is, Chad. Yes it is.

Ozzie 4 lyfe.

Sums it up right there. See you on Saturday.