Social Timeline: Sounders take the hard route but come away with 2-0 win against Houston

You know...every now and then, it doesn't matter how you get the job done, just as long as it gets done. That was the story for the Sounders on Sunday night as they battled their way to a 2-0 victory over the Houston Dynamo in the strangest of matches. Two deflected goals was the difference in the contest, one that puts the club back atop the Major League Soccer standings.

As we like to do here at SoundersFC.com HQ, let's take a journey back in time to the last night of your weekend and take in all the glory of the Sounders league-leading 13th victory of the 2014 season.

Ohhhhhh fancy new movie poster-esque graphic for Matchdays! Real fancy.

Zach wanted all the things. He got all the things in the end…because he is Zach friggin’ Scott.

So much #SeattleLove it hurts!

It always is though. Just always great.

Sound Wave is just fantastic.

Gotta hand it to those guys…right in the thick of it.

Nice and loud. Just like in the below Vine…

This needs no words.

These videos never get old. Always get me PUMPED.

Then it was GO TIME, baby. Yayyyyyy Sounders.

Those pesky Dynamites.

Good call there, unfortunately…

…but a better save! :-)

There’s your 45 minutes in the books. Halfway decent there.


And moments later…the Sounders get a PK call in their favor!

One that Pineda smashes (through) by Tally Hall to make it 2-0.

Anddddd that did it! Your Sounders got all those points. Loves it.

200 wins for Sigi. Big congrats from another coaching great.

Drew was happy!

That’s a pretty sweet jersey right there.

Oh Chad, how I love thee.

Marco scored on this day.

Ozzie keeps it real.

Look at Oba’s face…LOOK AT OBA’S FACE!

Again, Congrats Mr. Schmid. What an accomplishment.

Oh and this happened...