March To The Match 0427
Dan Poss

Social Timeline: Sounders FC kicks off its Cascadia season with a gritty 1-0 win over the Timbers

What a great day to be alive, am I right?!

Sun's out in Seattle, my breakfast was delicious, put my comfy socks on and OH THE SOUNDERS BEAT THE TIMBERS.

Three points is three points and all that but three points against the Timbers is just far sweeter than against any other team in MLS. Make it three straight wins in the league to boot. 

So yes, Sunday's match wasn't the most attractive demonstration of football but it certainly was the result the Sounders desired. Even Clint Dempsey's goal, which normally are otherwordly, was pretty ordinary...and that's totally fine!

There was a ton going on in and around CenturyLink Field on matchday so let us recap all the fun in the latest Social Timeline. I know you're excited, don't even try and hide it.

This is a cool photo, you guys.

Look how cool Oba looks!

Not fair, Stef. Not fair at all.


Can't wait for tonight!! #gameday

A photo posted by Lamar (@neagle27) on

Lamar was PUMPED.

Hey look, it’s Clint Dempsey’s jersey! He scored!

Probably one of the best photographs ever taken.

Lineup. Nice lineup.

Look at all the pretty colors :-)

I cut this video jussssssst at the right time.


This was pretty cool.

And another cool angle. Big ups for this.

Miss you, Chad.

My favorite tweet.

And so it begins…

This was pretty cool!

Pretty dry first half if I’m being honest. It’s ok, would pick up in the second.

Check this out. Cool video featuring everyone’s favorite guy from Feddy Way, Lamar Neagle.

Back at it. Come on, Seattle!


That’ll do it, folks. As long as that ball crosses the line.

So, so pretty.

Definitely a celebration the real Clint Dempsey would be proud of.

And there’s the final bell. Sounders win! And now for some player reaction…

All business from Ozzie.

This was cool. Oba is cool. Sounders are cool.


Clint Dempsey loves scoring against Portland. #SEAvPOR

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Oh Clint, how we love thee.