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Sounders FC enjoying new adidas X 15.1 and Ace 15.1 boots

Soccer used to be just about the ball.

That ball needed to travel between members of your team and make its way into the opposing team's net. Whichever side accomplished this more times would win.

In today's game however, there is much, much more to it than that. Players are bigger and stronger and require all the help they can get to outmaneuver their counterparts in contrasting uniforms.

Enter the soccer boot. Worn on the foot, it's the next step for athletes everywhere to take their game to the next level.

Our friends at adidas have been hard at work developing its latest line of footwear for players everywhere and our Sounders have been wearing them in training this week to fantastic reviews. Introducing the adidas X 15.1 and Ace 15.1.

“I love them," said Sounders FC goalkeeper Stefan Frei of the new collection. "I had the pleasure of wearing the prototypes for the Ace’s and X’s for quite a while and I quickly decided the the Ace was the one for me. It’s very comfortable and I feel like my foot is protected very well. It’s really flat on the bottom and gives me really good base which is important as a goalkeeper. It’s one of my favorite boots I’ve ever worn, hands down.”

Frei's teammate, rookie Cristian Roldan (featured above) had similar thoughts about the X 15.1s, which were released at the same time as the Ace 15.1s.

“I’m going with the X 15.1s," Roldan said after trying out both pairs. "Thye’re nice and snug on my feet and I can feel the ball a lot more. I really like the bottom of the cleats, they’re a good length for both turf and grass. I really like the design as well and the adidas logo on the back is great. I’m going to be using them this season and they’re really easy to break in.”

Here at, we're giving you the chance to win a signed pair of the boots. Supplied to us by adidas, this particular pair are signed by Frei and the one and only Ozzie Alonso. All you have to do is click the little 'retweet' button on the following Social Media post:

Get ready to change the game, folks. It's happening.

For more information on the Ace and X boots (and to nab your very own pair), head on over to adidas soccer homepage found right here