Pups At The Pitch


For the first time ever, Sounders FC welcomes you and your furry best friend for a paw-some summer experience at Lumen Field. Arrive early to catch some pre-match fun for both humans and dogs in the North Plaza thanks to our friends at The Farmer's Dog. Ticket and event details below.

Steps to Purchase

  1. Review and agree to waiver below by clicking the "I Accept: Buy Tickets" Button
  2. Ensure you understand matchday information, restrictions, and canine requirements
  3. Purchase Pup Pack Tickets


Thank you for your interest in "Pups at the Pitch"! In order to purchase Pups at the Pitch tickets, you must first read and agree to the Release and Waiver displayed below.

When you click on the "I Accept" button, you will be indicating that you accept the terms of the Release and Waiver, and you will then be presented with the opportunity to purchase your Pups at the Pitch tickets.

I hereby acknowledge that my voluntary participation in the " Pups at the Pitch" event (the "Event"), located at 800 Occidental Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 (the "Stadium") may result in personal injury to me and/or my dog ("Dog"). By participating in, attending and/or observing the Event, I acknowledge and assume all risks and danger to me that are incidental to or in any way arise from the Event, including, without limitation, all risks and danger inherent in a canine-oriented event (e.g., dog bites, dog fights or altercations, falls or other injuries resulting from navigating through an attended stadium environment including but not limited to, contact with spectators, food, other dogs, and fixtures, at the Event) or the sport of soccer (e.g., thrown and/or kicked balls, or contact or collisions with any other persons).

I accept personal responsibility for any and all actions of the Dog participating in the “Pups at the Pitch” Event and agree that the Dog will be in my care and control during the entire Event. I hereby represent and confirm that the Dog is in good health and current on all vaccinations, including Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Leptospirosis, Parasites, Bordetella and that the Dog is not the subject of a quarantine order, a pending adjudication or administrative hearing, and has never been declared a dangerous, potentially dangerous, or vicious or potentially vicious dog. I agree to be bound by the terms of the rules and regulations established by Seattle Sounders FC for both the Stadium and the Event, and I will abide by all applicable governmental laws, ordinances, orders, directions, rules and regulations as well as all rules and regulations that are adopted for this Event by Seattle Sounders FC or its representatives. I acknowledge the Sounders reserve the right to exclude or eject any and all unruly, rowdy or disruptive Owner and/or Dog from the Event and/or the Stadium without liability and that I shall be fully responsible for any damages or expenses, direct or indirect, incurred as a result of my or my Dog's disruptive behavior and/or ejection. I further agree that any Stadium official may authorize necessary treatment for me and/or the Dog in the event of injury.

I understand that Seattle Soccer LLC and its landlord, First & Goal Inc., (collectively, the "Seattle Sounders FC"), are not responsible for me, including any injury or damage to me, my Dog, or my property while I am participating in the Event. I agree that I will not sue the Seattle Sounders FC, The Farmer’s Dog, Inc., First & Goal Inc., Lumen Field or the Washington State Public Stadium Authority (“WSPSA”) (collectively, the (“Indemnified Parties”) for any claims, injuries, or damages that may occur as a result of my or my Dog’s participation in the voluntary Event. I hereby agree to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Indemnified Parties and any of its affiliated entities, Major League Soccer and each of its member clubs, any sponsor of the Event, First & Goal Inc., and other affiliated entities from and against any and all actions, causes of action, claims, suites, demands (or other legal actions), losses, damages, costs and/or expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and disbursements) for personal injury, property damage and any other injury or loss of any kind arising out of, in connection with, or resulting from my and/or my or my Dog's participation in and/or attendance at the Event regardless of who causes the injury or loss sustained and regardless of whether based on fault or negligence or not.

I further agree that by clicking "I Accept", and in consideration of my voluntary participation in the Event, I authorize Seattle Soccer LLC, First & Goal Inc., Major League Soccer, The Farmer’s Dog, Inc. and other affiliated entities to depict in perpetuity my and my Dog's likeness, images, name, words, voice and biographical information ("Images") in photographic or other works appearing in any and all media for purposes of promoting, advertising, or marketing current or future events related to soccer; and I agree that such Images may be used by them for that purpose without compensation.