In February of 2022, we began a comprehensive discussion around the future of Sounders FC as we approach our 50th Anniversary in 2024. 

As part of our commitment to Democracy in Sports, we asked our community to help us examine our identity, our brand, and how we represent Seattle and greater Puget Sound.

What is a Sounder?

This is the question we were asked 50 years ago, and again in 2009 when we joined Major League Soccer.

To find an authentic answer, we made intentional efforts to engage members of the Sounders community to add their voice to this comprehensive discussion, including Season Ticket Members, Alliance Members, supporters, fans, Sounders players & alumni, current & former staff, local stakeholders, and members of Seattle’s creative community.

We also sought to place greater importance on our history and heritage. In order to create an evolved visual identity, we needed to incorporate the legacy of our last 50 years and move boldly forward into the next 50 and beyond.

Fan Engagement Data: Over 10,000 surveys submitted, 64,000+ questions answered, 400,000+ words written, 100+ hours of conversations with community stakeholders, 10+ group working sessions.

We heard a host of differing viewpoints and ideas, but several themes emerged as imperatives to any evolution of our crest and associated marks.

Name & Colors: We are Seattle Sounders FC, and our colors are eternal blue and forever green.

Our History: We are born in ’74 and raised in ’09. The story of our club is written in wins and punctuated with trophies.
The Sound: We are both a people and a club of The Sound. Water is core to our city and our identity.

Space Needle: The Space Needle is an icon of Seattle. It represents a tradition of innovation and marks the moment when Seattle took center stage on a global level.

Duality: Seattle is multi-faceted, complex, and home to a wide range of creative expression. We are progress and history, natural beauty and metropolitan growth.
Graphic illustrating every iteration of our club's crest dating back to 1974

From 1974 into eternity, your voice will continue to shape the future of our club.

We are all Sounders. Our expansive history and collective values are what set us apart. Our tradition drives us forward into an even brighter future.

By formally embracing our first 50 years, we are making a promise that fans will chart the course of our club for the next 50 years.

At The Water's Edge

We are not in need of re-invention, but as we prepare for our 50th anniversary, it is imperative to update our system to embrace our history and better reflect the community we serve. 

Throughout the comprehensive fan engagement period, we consistently heard a desire from various stakeholders for our club’s iconic colors to be more wearable, approachable, and modernized. 

When creating our new visual identity, we started by looking around us, where water and nature meet cosmopolitan progress. And we looked to our past, where the foundation of our legacy was laid at the water’s edge.

Graphic depicting the updated colors for our brand: Rave Green, Pacific Blue and Heritage Aqua

Rave Green This distinct shade of green is familiar yet refreshed—injecting vibrancy and optimism into our color palette. We are forever green. Pacific Blue is a darker shade nodding to the water that permeates our city and connects back to the identity we donned when entering MLS. We are eternal blue. Heritage Aqua is a nod to our past, paying homage to our original color palette in 1974. It envelops our new crest in the legacy of the Sounders who came before us, who set the standard for our club and have propelled us onto the world's stage.
Graphic demonstrating the different applications of our crest, including full colors and single color on various background gradients.
Graphic depicting the major changes to our new crest, including its simplified shape, a modernized depiction of the Space Needle, and our birth year of 1974.

Space Needle: The needle is a symbol closely associated with our club and our unparalleled success during the MLS era. It was consistently identified throughout the fan engagement process as the singular icon that should be incorporated into the club’s visual identity. 1974: Our founding year in the NASL, the inclusion of 1974 in our crest links us back to our history as one of the stewards of American soccer. Sharper Crest: Two shields and a banner are now one sharp crest, tailored to the geometry of the Space Needle.
Graphic depicting our new wordmark, with a wave motif flowing through the word "Sounders"

First debuting in the original Sounders logo in 1974, our new wordmark features a wave element that has been present in some capacity in each of our pre-MLS logos. It also pays homage to The Sound, our home on the water’s edge.
Graphic depicting the club's new custom font, "Sound"

Named after the club and our region, Sound is a custom typeface exclusively owned by the Seattle Sounders Football Club. This typeface is based on the letterforms that were drawn for the new wordmark—creating a direct visual extension of the identity system.
Graphic depicting all of our new secondary marks, which are a combination of our new crest, new wordmark, and new monogram.

In addition to a new, refreshed crest and set of wordmarks, our brand evolution includes a set of new tertiary marks that were inspired by the feedback we received from fans and were designed to deepen the connections to the first 50 years of our club.

Graphic depicting our new monogram, which is the letters "SFC" with the water element from the new wordmark running through them.

The SFC monogram is an abbreviated naming option that incorporates the same wave motif found in the full wordmark. This mark reiterates the club’s connection to The Sound and our eternal home at the water's edge.
Graphic depicting one of the club's new tertiary marks, The Orca.

Inspired by the club’s logo from the APSL and A-League Era, the orca makes its triumphant return. When we asked our fans what best represented our club, the orca received the second-most responses, behind only the Space Needle.
Graphic depicting one of the club's new tertiary marks, The Carnation.

Since our NASL era, Sounders players have handed out carnations to fans and supporters at the final home match of the year. Our club has many cherished traditions, but the carnation stands in a class of its own as a symbol of the connection between our players and our fans.
Graphic depicting one of the club's new tertiary marks, 74.

1974 is our club’s birth year, and the Emerald City’s decades-long history of supporting the Sounders is embodied in this simple, bold mark, which serves as a constant reminder of Seattle’s place in American soccer history. This insignia celebrates the players, coaches, and fans that helped build the club into a symbol of excellence and progress since our inception.


A celebratory collection of limited quantity retail items featuring the new crest and associated marks is currently available at the The Pro Shop at Lumen Field. This is the first of only two drops available for purchase until the brand officially transitions in 2024.

Eternally Yours

Our club is a reflection of our community. Our crest is a reflection of our club.

We created this together. And what we created – like the Sounders – is eternally yours.

In addition to seeking feedback on our visual identity, we asked the community to determine the guiding principles that will serve as the cornerstone for the future of our club. 

The following collective values were consistent across every touchpoint of the fan engagement process:

Community: If any of our values comes before winning, it’s community. The Sounders are a vehicle of community—and proponent of inclusivity—and are committed to using soccer as an instrument of change.

Excellence: We are standard-bearers of a rich Washington state soccer tradition that has produced titles and national team members. In 1974, the Sounders were the second professional team in WA after The SuperSonics.

Progress: Seattleites want to make the world a better, more inclusive place, and their football club reflects that. Sounders are committed not only to engaging with Seattle’s communities in the abstract but to spearheading positive social and environmental changes.

Perseverance: Sounders’ play is grounded in hard work and never giving up. Our fans demand a relentless grit, and our coaches instill this quality into the squad. Our style of play personifies the persistence of our city. Sounders never quit.

A sentiment of eternity has always existed within our community and is intrinsically linked to the identity of our club.

It ebbs and flows endlessly like the waves of The Sound at the water’s edge, passed down from generation to generation.

Eternal Blue. Forever Green.

We Are Eternally Yours.

Our new crest on a RAVE soccer ball in front of the Space Needle

Our new crest with two stars on a primary kit.

Our new crest on a scarf

Our new Orca, Wordmark and 74 Mark on a scarf during the March to the Match to Lumen Field

Our new crest in yellow with two stars on The Bruce Lee Kit.

We are a local club with global ambitions. Those lofty aspirations have been cemented in our ethos since the club’s inception in 1974.

This process is the culmination of 50 years of rich history. 50 years of winning trophies. 50 years of unforgettable moments, enriching lives and unifying through soccer. 50 years of tradition and community.

The next 50 starts now.

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