1. Alliance Membership Rules. The following 2024 Seattle Sounders FC Alliance Membership Rules (“Alliance Member Rules”) shall apply to all Alliance Members as defined in the 2024 Seattle Sounders FC Ticket Purchase Terms (“Ticket Policies”) or as further described herein.

2. Ticket Purchases. All tickets, entry and access to Events including all Season Ticket Purchases shall be governed by the Ticket Policies. All Definitions and provisions of the Policies shall apply to all Season Tickets and their Original Purchasers, and all Ticket Holders, including Alliance Members. Sounders FC reserves the right to change Ticket Policies at any time.

3. Alliance Membership and Season Tickets. All Original Purchasers of Season Tickets shall be Alliance Members, which may entitle the Original Purchaser, and other guests or family members to certain benefits, exclusive opportunities and other goods or services made available to members annually by Sounders FC. A “Season Ticket” package shall include tickets to all Events which are designated by Sounders FC, annually as part of the series of matches constituting the regular season, excluding playoff matches and other non-MLS matches. All MLS playoff matches and additional Events which are not designated as part of the Season Ticket package will be made available for purchase at an additional, incremental match by match or series by series cost, as part of the Pay-As-We-Play Program (described below). All Original Purchasers of a Season Ticket package shall be a Season Ticket Member. Season Tickets shall be issued in one or more formats valid for entry at Original Purchaser’s election during the Renewal Period (as defined below). All Season Ticket Account Holders shall be able to access and manage their tickets electronically through the Official Sounders FC ticketing partner account interface (“Account Manager”). All Tickets shall be issued upon the payment in full or the then most current and up to date installment of a payment plan arising under an invoice for the Tickets, Parking (as defined below) and Hospitality Food Packages (as defined below), together with any taxes, fees and service charges described therein (“Invoice”).

4. General Terms. All sales are final and no refunds will be processed after the close of the Renewal Period or the close of any relevant Opt-Out Period (as defined below), except as otherwise defined herein. All Original Purchasers are advised to annually review their Renewal Invoice (as defined below) during the Renewal Period and/or review an Invoice provided as part of the Pay-As-We-Play Program and relevant Opt-Out Period (as defined below). Once the Renewal Period or any Opt-Out Period closes, all invoices shall be deemed submitted and accepted and all Original Purchasers shall be obligated to pay the full price for all ticket selections appearing on the relevant Invoice.

5. League Ticket Policies and League Events. Sounders FC ticket Policies may be amended from time to time in order to comply with MLS, and/or Promoter rules regarding ticket purchases, postponements, and other guidance (collectively, “League Policies”). Major League Soccer (“MLS”) reserves the right to issue amended and revised League Policies prior to the start of any MLS soccer season. Any amended and revised League Policies issued prior to the start of any MLS soccer season that conflict with these Alliance Membership Rules, shall be controlling. Such MLS amended and revised League Policies issued prior to the start of any MLS soccer season, shall be posted on Sounders FC website at: www.soundersfc.com no later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of such MLS soccer season.

6. Data and Privacy. All data collected by Sounders FC connected to purchases of Season Tickets shall be subject to Major League Soccer Data Privacy and Security Policy (http://www.mlssoccer.com/privacy-policy). In addition, by purchasing an Alliance Membership, Original Purchaser authorizes Sounders FC to use information contained in Account Manager for the purpose of contacting Original Purchaser with respect to his or her account, to provide special offers, to ask for feedback and for any other Season Tickets Account related reason. Certain email communications, pertaining to the administration of the Season Tickets Account, the fulfillment, management or administration of Season Tickets benefits or exclusive rights and offers, and/or to communicate about specific Events, renewals, account updates, legally required messaging and disclosures, and match day related information are collectively considered “Account Administrative Communications.” Original Purchaser hereby consents and agrees to receive all Account Administrative Communications and further acknowledges and agrees that continued receipt of Account Administrative Communications is a required component to maintain a valid Season Tickets Account. In the event that Original Purchaser amends their privacy settings, email receipt preferences, or the like in a manner which prevents the receipt of Account Administrative Communications, Sounders FC shall not be liable in the event that said Original Purchaser subsequently misses necessary information regarding their Season Tickets Account, including the communication of deadlines for opting-out of any Renewal Period or Opt-Out Period Original Purchaser further authorizes Sounders FC to share personal and non-personal information with Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent for the purpose of servicing Original Purchaser’s account. Sounders FC may additionally use non-personal and non-personally identifiable information of a biographic or demographic nature as pooled with the same or similar data from other Season Ticket Members for purpose of analysis, to improve the service, systems and products offered by Sounders FC. By purchasing Season Tickets, Original Purchaser opts in to receive promotional emails from Sounders FC and Major League Soccer, LLC, which may include the promotion of partner products or services including but not limited to third-party providers including Apple TV, unless Original Purchaser subsequently opts-out of receiving such emails by following the information contained therein. By virtue of being an Alliance Member (Season Ticket Member) with Sounders FC, Major League Soccer, LLC may provide additional exclusive Benefits to primary season ticket account holders including access to streaming services on Apple TV (“MLS Streaming Service”) with a 2024 full-Season Ticket Account, subject to eligibility restrictions and acceptance of other terms and conditions as determined by MLS and Apple. For more information on MLS Streaming Service visit MLSSoccer.com/apple.

7. Transfer of Alliance Member Tickets To Children. Children whom are at least 16 years of age or older as of the date of the first match of the then-current regular season may have a Season Ticket transferred into their name pursuant to the terms and conditions regarding Transfer (as described below).

8. Event Reschedule; Remedies. Should any Event or Events be rescheduled for any reason, all valid, unused, issued tickets for the Event(s) shall either be honored for the new Event date, time, location and/or opponent or the ticket shall be re-issued by Sounders FC to the Original Purchaser for the new Event date, time, location and/or opponent, at Sounders FC’s exclusive discretion and control. No ticket for a Rescheduled Event shall be eligible for a Refund, however, the ticket may be exchanged pursuant to the Exchange policies (described below). All Season Tickets Original Purchasers shall automatically have the new Event date, time, location and/or opponent loaded into their Account Manager.

9. Event Cancellation and Remedies. Should an Event be Cancelled and not Rescheduled, an Original Purchaser of Season Tickets shall be entitled to a credit in the amount of the full-face value of the pro rata Event ticket price for all seats on the Account for that Event, first, towards the next Pay-As-We-Play Event arising in the then current season, then or if none, then towards the balance of the Season Ticket Purchase for the 2025 season. In addition to these remedies, Sounders FC may make available exclusive opportunities to use credit for cancelled Events toward trading for additional tickets to other matches, upselling into premium spaces, or to take advantage of other exclusive opportunities. In the event that Original Purchaser ends any calendar year with credit on file, a Sounders FC representative shall contact Original Purchaser to discuss all options, including a refund to the card on file, if requested.

10. Event Disruption and Remedies. If an Event is Disrupted as described in the Ticket Policies, then Alliance Members shall be entitled to the following additional opportunities:

a. Less Than 100% Capacity: For any Event which must occur with less than 100% capacity due to League Rule or at the direction of local authorities (“Restricted Capacity Event”), then all Alliance Members shall have a pro-rata credit placed on file for that match in their Account consistent with Paragraph 9 above.

b. New Sales of Reduced Capacity Events. Sounders FC reserves the right to create a new seating manifest in compliance with the applicable rules for any Reduced Capacity Event. To the extent Alliance Members purchase new tickets to Reduced Capacity Events, those tickets purchased shall be treated as part of Season Tickets, Any Alliance Member that purchases tickets in this manner will automatically have their credit applied to this purchase.

c. Truncated/Amended Season Schedule. The 2024 Alliance Membership includes 18 scheduled matches for the 2024 season. In the event that less than 18 home matches are played in the 2024 season, Alliance Members shall automatically receive credit on the account for any number of matches less than 18 played during 2024.

11. Club Food Packages. Sounders FC may make available on an annual basis for all or some Season Ticket Members pre-purchased food packages which shall be made available for some or all matches and at the levels annually designated by Sounders FC (“Food Packages”). When made available, Season Ticket Purchasers may have the option to purchase Food Packages in full for the entire upcoming season only, payable as a separate line item charge on the Season Ticket Purchase Invoice. If Original Purchaser has elected to pay their Season Ticket Purchase in installments, all elected Food Packages shall likewise be due and payable in the same number of installments on the same schedule. All Renewal Invoices provided during the Renewal Period shall include the same Food Packages as purchased by the Season Ticket Original Purchaser during the then current season, unless said Original Purchaser amends their preferences during the Renewal Period. All newly purchased Food Packages (those purchased by an Original Purchaser for the first time in the current Renewal Process) are subject to availability and will not be confirmed by Sounders FC until the end of the Renewal Period and are not guaranteed until such Food Package is paid in full. Each Food Package shall be charged per-person, per-season. Sounders FC reserves the right to issue separate Food Package passes/vouchers/tickets or encode the access data for Food Packages on the same format selected by the Original Purchaser for receipt of their Season Tickets. Each pass, regardless of format shall be eligible for one use per match. Any purchased but unused passes shall not be refunded, and shall expire at the conclusion of food service for that match. Season Ticket Members who purchase a Food Package shall present, redeem, scan and/or surrender the pass/voucher/ticket upon request at the time of entry. Each pass shall only permit one (1) person entry into the dining areas. Sounders FC makes no warranty that any Food Package offered or food served shall accommodate all dietary needs or restrictions. Sounders FC does not guarantee the availability of any specific food items, and Original Purchaser acknowledges that menu and offerings may change at any time without notice. All Food Package purchasers further release and hold harmless Seattle Sounders FC, together with its employees, owners, and officers from and against any liability, damage, claim, harm arising from any food borne illness, allergic reaction or other illness or injury as a result of consuming food items pursuant to the purchase of the Food Packages.

12. Parking. Sounders FC may make available on an annual basis for all or some Season Ticket Members pre-purchased season-long parking passes for specific locations for all home matches played at Lumen Field. When made available, Season Ticket Purchasers must purchase the entire season, which shall be payable in installments in addition to the purchase of Event Tickets and Food Packages, if any. All Renewal Invoices provided during the Renewal Period shall include the same parking as purchased by the Season Ticket Original Purchaser during the then current season, unless said Original Purchaser amends their preferences during the Renewal Period. Parking passes are single use for the specified Event, and unused passes shall not be Refunded and shall be void at the conclusion of the Event for which they are issued. In addition, all parking passes constitute separate revocable licenses and all individuals parking vehicles pursuant to an Sounders FC issued pass, agree to be bound by the parking operator terms and conditions. Further, Sounders FC shall assume no liability for any damage to person or property as a result of parking in any garage or parking lot pursuant to a parking pass. Tailgating is not permitted except where specifically designated. Sounders FC and its agents and assigns reserve the right to implement additional, temporary, or permanent additional security and safety screening procedures and restrictions at any time, with or without notice. Access to certain parking areas, lots or portions thereof, may be limited or restricted on an Event-by-Event basis, outside the control of Sounders FC, however all parking passes shall be honored at the replacement locations communicated to the Primary Account Holder in advance of the effected Event. All replacement locations will be the closest comparable location and price code. Height and vehicle size restrictions may apply and Sounders FC makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding the suitability of any vehicle for parking in any lot or garage for which a parking pass may be sold by Sounders FC.

13. Renewals and Payment Policies. All Alliance Members, whose accounts are in good standing, and provided that Original Purchaser and all Ticket Holders have materially complied with the Policies and these Rules, shall be automatically renewed on an annual basis for the same Season Tickets, Food Packages and Parking as the then-current season (“Automatic Renewal”) for the next league season through Sounders FC’s annual renewal process (“Renewal Process”). During a period designated annually by Sounders FC, (“Renewal Period”), Original Purchaser will receive an Invoice detailing all existing seat locations(subject to availability), parking passes, food and beverage and associated taxes and fees (“Renewal Invoice”), which will include the current fees for each item therein, identify any credits on account, service fees or discounts as well as the available installment payment plans and methods of payment. The Renewal Process shall include all procedures, processes, information requests and updates designated by Sounders FC in order to repurchase the same seats, together with all activities, elections, confirmations, selections, communications and transactions which arise during the Renewal Period. Season Ticket Package’s Original Purchaser is responsible for maintaining accurate and up to date information in their Account, including but not limited to email and mailing addresses with Sounders FC and through their Sounders FC Account Manager.

a. All Renewal Invoices for 2024 Season Ticket Packages shall reflect existing credit on the Account of each Original Purchaser from the 2023 season (if any) (“2023 Credit”). All existing 2023 Credit shall be identified on the 2024 Renewal Invoice each Original Purchaser receives during the Renewal Period. All payment plan installments shall be calculated after all such 2023 Credit has been applied to the Account. Where a Credit exists on the Renewal Invoice, and an Original Purchaser would not like it applied towards their 2024 Renewal Invoice, Original Purchasers must contact a ticketing agent at:877-657-4625 or CustomerService@SoundersFC.com before the Renewal Deadline to leave any Credit on account for the balance of the 2023 season. Otherwise, Ticketing Agent will process all Renewal Credits to ensure all eligible 2023 Credit on any Account shall be exhausted through the Renewal Process.

b. If no changes are made during the Renewal Period, the Automatic Renewal for all items contained in the Renewal Invoice on the first date after the close of the Renewal Period.

c. Sounders FC reserves the right to change, at its discretion and control, on an annual basis, the information required to maintain an Alliance Member Ticket Account and will communicate all required information to Original Purchaser as part of the Renewal Process. Renewals will not be completed unless and until all required information is provided by the Season Ticket Member. Any Renewals not completed during the Renewal Process may result in tickets for all seats being returned to the general ticket inventory that can be sold by Seattle Sounders FC through any channel. No Account which has been determined to be a Ticket Broker shall be eligible for the Renewal Process.

d. Unless changes are made during the Renewal Period, and Original Purchaser does not opt-out during the Renewal Period, the Renewal will be processed by automatically defaulting to the payment plan and number of installments selected by Original Purchaser for the then-current season.

e. The Renewal Process cannot be completed without a fully processed payment accepted by Original Purchaser’s banking institution for the balance of the Renewal Invoice or the first installment thereof. Additionally, for any Season Ticket Purchase conducted on an installment basis, a current, unexpired and authorized credit card must be kept on file with Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent. Sounders FC does not store any payment information for any Alliance Member.

f. No Tickets shall be issued until either the entire outstanding Renewal Invoice is paid in full by the Original Purchaser on the payment plan selected.

g. By electing to pay in full, Original Purchaser authorizes Sounders FC and Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent to process the full Renewal Invoice amount, on the first scheduled payment day following the close of the Renewal Period.

h. By electing an installment payment plan in the Renewal Process, Original Purchaser authorizes Sounders FC and Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent permission to automatically charge the credit card on file with the then current installment amount due, on the dates identified on the Renewal Invoice.

i. In the event that Original Purchaser’s credit card on file is not valid, and the first installment charge cannot be processed, Sounders FC shall only be obligated to make one (1) good faith attempt to reach the Original Purchaser to secure updated information prior to the affected seats being released back to available inventory for sale by Sounders FC. Original Purchaser is obligated to maintain valid and current payment information on file at all times with Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent in order to keep their Account in good standing.

j. If at any time Original Purchaser fails to make an installment payment for any reason, their Account will be suspended by Sounders FC and they shall be required to make their Account current prior to being able to access any Tickets or Alliance Member Events, including the right to secure seats pursuant to the Pay-As-We-Play program, purchase additional single match tickets, or utilize other Alliance Member benefits (“Suspended Account”). Sounders FC reserves the right to revoke and hold issued Tickets for any Suspended Account and shall have no liability to a bonafide Secondary Purchaser of any Tickets in a Suspended Account which Sounders FC shall be entitled to hold invalid.

k. By electing an installment payment plan, pursuant to Section 205.10(d) of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA), Original Purchaser of Season Tickets or Partial Plan hereby authorizes Sounders FC and Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent to charge them the full value of the Ticket Purchase price, plus the cost of Parking and/or Food Packages, if any are selected, plus any taxes or fees associated with the purchase as described on the Renewal Invoice in the number of installments selected by them as indicated on the Season Ticket invoice provided during the Renewal Process or other invoice for Pay-As-We-Play matches and accepted by Original Purchaser; and further waives the right to receive any additional notice of such preauthorized charge(s); and further authorizes Sounders FC and Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent to charge their credit card or bank account at a variable amount dependent upon the number and class of seats purchased, the number of installments (between 2 and 6) selected and whether or not the Purchaser has added Food Packages and/or a Parking Pass(es) to their purchase. This preauthorization applies to credit cards, electronic checks, electronic funds transfers facilitated by the Automated Clearing House (“ACH”), and other like forms of electronic non-cash payment(s). This preauthorization shall remain in effect unless and until cancelled in writing by sending notice to:

Sounders FC—Alliance Member EFT Hold
406 Occidental Avenue South
Seattle, Washington 98104

Please allow three (3) business days from actual receipt of notice to process request; please note this address will be updated in 2024.

14. Terms and Conditions of Season Ticket Member Renewal. All Renewals, whether conducted over the phone, in the mail, in person or through an electronic interface shall be subject to these same Rules. No Renewal shall be considered complete without an attestation by the Alliance Member that they agree to be bound by these Alliance Membership Rules and Ticket Purchase Terms. Acceptance, acknowledgement and consent to be bound by these Policies shall be deemed binding upon Alliance Member upon the date the first payment is made by Original Purchaser following the Renewal Period and continue until the conclusion of the 2024 season.

15. Temporary or Permanent Demise of Seat Location. In the event an Alliance Member’s seat or seats are Demised for one or more Events, Sounders FC shall make all reasonable effort to offer the same or most similar ticket available, in the same ticket price code, where available. There is no guarantee that Season Ticket Member will be able to sit in the same section, row or part of the stadium. Legacy Pricing (as defined below) will be honored for all Alliance Members, if relocation is necessary due to Demised Seats. However, Original Purchaser is not guaranteed relocated seats in the same price tier as Demised Seats (eg. each part of the stadium has a different seating category price associated, but also a Legacy Price in that seat category—a higher overall seating category will have a higher Legacy Price) and Original Purchaser shall be responsible to pay any difference in a more expensive price code, and shall pay less for any less expensive price code as a result of relocation.

16. Seat Relocation/Additional Seats. At the conclusion of the Renewal Period, all renewed accounts shall automatically have the first opportunity to move their seat(s) or add additional seats from any open inventory before that inventory is made available to new purchasers (“Seat Relocation”). During the Seat Relocation period, which will be communicated to all renewed accounts, Original Purchaser shall be provided an appointment day and time based upon the length of time their active, continuous, uninterrupted account has been open for the same seats, and may relocate any or all of their seats to another section, row or price level of tickets, subject to availability and Accessible Seating Location (“ASL”) restrictions. Upon electing relocation, Original Purchaser shall be required to pay the price of the ticket(s) for their new seat(s) location, if any. During the Seat Relocation period, Season Ticket Purchasers may also be offered the opportunity to purchase additional seats. The difference between the price of the old seats and relocated seats shall be due and payable and/or refunded upon confirmation of the seat relocation, as the case may be, and paid in the same number of installments selected or accepted during the Renewal Process. To the extent an Alliance Member elects to relocate, add or change seats during the Seat Relocation period which would alter the total amount due under their Renewal Invoice (by either increase or decrease), Sounders FC shall provide a new Renewal Invoice which will take into account the amounts paid to date (if any) and adjust the outstanding payment plan installment schedule to reflect the new total. This updated Renewal Invoice shall not effect any pre-authorized credit charges and the new amounts arising shall be deemed pre-authorized pursuant to and consistent with the other terms of these Policies. Priority in selecting Seat Relocation shall be based upon how long an Account Holder has held his/her Account (must be consecutive seasons with season tickets on the Account). Original Purchasers who are entitled to receive Legacy Pricing shall be eligible for the applicable Legacy Pricing rate for the same number of their relocated seat(s) . Legacy Pricing for added seats is not available and added seats will be charged at the then current rate for Season Tickets.

17. Season Ticket Sharing and Revocation. Ticket sharing allows an Original Purchaser of Season Tickets to share one (1) or more of their tickets in any form, for a specific Event or Events or for the entire season through the Original Purchaser’s Account Manager (including the Sounders FC Mobile Application). Once sharing a ticket with another individual, that recipient is granted full rights to entry for that Event or Events, to manage the ticket(s) shared as a Season Ticket Member. However, Original Purchaser shall retain all rights to direct management, including the revocation of a designation or assignment of each single seat and ticket in the Season Tickets associated with their Sounders FC Account. Seattle Sounders FC will process an Original Purchaser’s revocation of shared rights upon request to Original Purchaser’s Sounders FC customer service representative. Any tickets shared via Sounders FC’s Mobile Ticketing platform utilizing the mobile device’s wallet, passbook or the like, may require the issuance of new barcodes for the remaining matches in the then-current season. No ticket can be permanently shared with a child under the age of 16. Sharing or Season Tickets under this paragraph on a season basis does not entitle the recipient designee to direct any management of the Account during the Renewal Process. In the event that an Original Purchaser wishes to permanently transfer one or more tickets to such recipient designee, such transfer may only occur during the Renewal Process, must conform with the Ticket Transfer Policies and must be confirmed in writing by the Original Purchaser prior to confirmation and transfer by Seattle Sounders FC.

18. Pay As We Play Program. All Alliance Members, in good standing, shall be automatically enrolled in the Pay As We Play program (“Pay-As-We-Play Program”) to purchase any tickets for any Events which fall outside the designated Season Ticket Package and which may include one or more rounds of competition at Sounders FC’s discretion, including but not limited to MLS Cup Playoffs, Leagues Cup matches, CONCACAF Champions League matches, Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup/Canadian Championship matches, and other similar matches designated by Sounders FC (collectively, the “Pay-As-We-Play Matches”). All Pay As We Play invoices will be generated on an Event by Event or category of Events basis at one or more times during the year. Following the public announcement of one or multiple Pay-As-We-Play Match(es), Sounders FC shall provide all Original Purchasers with notice that such Event or Events constitute a Pay-As-We-Play Match and shall further provide all Original Purchasers with an Invoice for the price of Tickets to the same Pay-As-We-Play Match(es). Each Original Purchaser shall be sent the Invoice along with the time period for reviewing the Invoice and opting out of that particular Invoice and tickets associated with the Event or Events therein (“Opt-Out Period”). Original Purchaser authorizes Sounders FC and Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent to charge their credit card or bank account on file with Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent in their Account Manager as soon as the first date immediately following each Opt-Out Period for the then current Event’s Invoice amount. All Invoices generated during any Opt-Out Period shall be for the same seats in the Original Purchaser’s Account for the then-current season, and the Invoice shall list the per seat price for all associated Events. Opting out of any specific Invoice during any Opt-Out Period shall release Original Purchaser’s Tickets for the associated Event(s) back to Sounders FC for sale as part of general single match inventory for the Event or Events. If multiple Events are offered, for example all home MLS Playoff matches, once opting-out of the first Event in the series, Original Purchaser shall be opted out for all remaining Events in the series, including for example later rounds of competition, like the Western Conference Finals, and shall not be guaranteed any subsequent opportunity to purchase tickets on a single match basis.

19. Verification of Data. By making any Season Ticket Purchase, the Original Purchaser for those tickets warrants that all Data and information provided to Sounders FC over the phone, via mail, in person, or through an electronic interface is accurate and correct. All required information must be provided to complete Season Ticket Purchase. This includes Data which must be provided to Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent including a valid and current credit card or bank account. Sounders FC shall not be liable for any damage caused by or arising out of processing any charge against any credit card or bank account on file with Sounders FC’s Ticket Agent for an Original Purchaser, in its normal course of business related to Ticket purchases, including but not limited to declined charges and bank holds.

20. Legacy Pricing Rights. Certain Season Ticket Member Accounts, which originated and have been renewed continuously in the same number of seats since 2009 are eligible for a reduced Season Ticket price (“Legacy Pricing”). Legacy Pricing is not transferrable and is associated only with the specific original Sounders FC Account and Original Purchaser of that Account. Upon transfer or abandonment by an Original Purchaser, the Legacy Pricing benefit will cease. Original Purchasers who acquire any additional seats as part of Seat Relocation, may not be eligible to Legacy Pricing Rights for those new seats, except at Sounders FC’s exclusive discretion and control. Individuals who have received tickets from an Original Purchaser whom may have had Legacy Pricing rights through permitted transfer or Seat Designation, are not eligible to receive Legacy Pricing upon taking over one (1) or more seats and establishing their own Sounders FC Account. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Original Purchasers may transfer their Legacy Pricing Rights to any member of their immediate family, defined as children, siblings, parents, spouses, and domestic partners.

21. Club Level and Premium Tickets. Certain price levels of tickets grant Ticket Holders access to premium areas of the Event venue, including Club Level, and in some cases field access or access to hospitality areas not available except to those with access passes or credentials (“Premium Ticket Holders”). In addition to all other Policies and Terms and Conditions, Premium Ticket Holders agree that under no circumstances shall they permit other individuals who are not Premium Ticket Holders to access the premium areas of the Event venue. Sounders FC and Lumen Field reserve the right at any time to change, alter or amend any and all polices related to access, ingress/egress and behavior within Premium Ticket Holder areas, including as may arise on an Event by Event basis. Sounders FC makes no guarantee that all amenities in Premium Ticket Holder areas will be the same for every Event.

22. Alliance Member Ticket Credit Program. All Full Season Ticket Alliance Members who are Original Purchasers in good standing and current in all installment payments for a Season Ticket Package, and do not otherwise have a Suspended Account are eligible to participate in the Alliance Member Ticket Credit Program (“Ticket Credit Program”). Original Purchaser so eligible may elect and return all tickets for any Event in the 2024 Season Ticket Package in exchange for credit on file in an amount equal to the face value of the tickets for returned Event. Sounders FC reserves the right to restrict eligibility of certain matches from the Ticket Credit Program at any time. No fee will be charged to participate in the Ticket Credit Program.

a. All credit on file generated by the Ticket Credit Program shall be exhausted within the 2024 calendar year as otherwise consistent with these 2024 Alliance Member Rules. Credit can be exhausted through the following mechanisms:

  • Additional 2024 Sounders FC Ticketing Products for the regular MLS season or the first round of MLS Cup Playoffs
  • Other Events and competitions as may arise during the 2024 calendar year and as designated by Sounders FC as Events eligible for credit redemption
  • 2025 Season Ticket Renewal Invoices

b. During the 2024 season, each Event shall be assigned a face value ticket price which may be higher or lower depending upon the Event. Credit under the Ticket Credit Program shall be issued based upon that assigned face value.

c. During the 2024 season, Alliance Member Ticket Credit Program returns must be processed through Account Manager no later than 12:00 PM PT on the day before the scheduled and published match date and tickets may be returned for a maximum of 7 Events (General Membership Purchaser) or 8 Events (Club Membership Purchaser). Account Holders may use any credits on Account to make additional purchases during the 2024 season in any type or class of ticket, including premium. Account Holder’s method of payment on file shall be charged for any amount over the credit on file for new Events purchased during 2024.

23. Alliance Member Referral Program. All Full Season Ticket Alliance Members who are Original Purchasers in good standing and current in all installment payments for a Season Ticket Package, and do not otherwise have a Suspended Account are eligible to participate in the Alliance Member Referral Program (“Referral Program”). Beginning on the first date of the Renewal Period and continuing until Sounders FC ceases to sell Full Season Ticket Packages, all eligible Alliance Members in good standing shall receive a $100.00 ticketing credit per new purchasing account referred, to their Account in the event they refer a new Alliance Member who purchases a Full Season Ticket Package for the 2024 season; additionally the newly referred Alliance Member account will also receive a $100 ticketing credit. For Alliance Members who purchase premium season tickets, the referring Alliance Member Account shall be credited $200.00 and the newly purchasing premium Alliance Member shall also receive a $200.00 credit on their Account.

a. The new Alliance Member must include the full name of the referring Alliance Member at the time of their new season ticket purchase.

b. Credits will be issued upon full payment of invoices, both by the referring Alliance Member and the newly referred Alliance Member.

c. All Account credits must be used during the 2024 calendar year and will expire on December 31, 2024 if unused.

d. The referring Alliance Member must maintain their Account in good standing, which includes remaining current on all payments and must drop any seats on their Account at any time in order to receive the Credit. If after Credit has been issued, referring Alliance Member becomes ineligible to receive a credit under this Referral Program, Sounders FC reserves the right to immediately cancel and revoke any credit on Account as yet unused by referring Alliance Member.

24. Alliance Member Resale Policy. If at any time, it is determined that any Original Purchaser purchases any tickets or Memberships in a manner that is designed to circumvent, thwart, interfere with, or evade through the use of software or other means, security and access control systems of Sounders FC’s ticketing website, including operating as a “Ticket Broker,” Sounders FC may suspend the Original Purchaser’s Account, suspend or revoke any outstanding unused tickets without Refund, and prevent them from purchasing any new tickets in the future. Additionally, any Original Purchaser who attempts by act, omission, actions or effect to contravene these Ticket Policies and Conditions or whom purposefully supplies false or misleading information to Sounders FC which disguises the purchaser’s identity and/or intent to act as a Ticket Broker, or utilizes software or other technology to do the same, may also be deemed a “Ticket Broker” and have their account immediately suspended and all unused tickets revoked, without Refund. Furthermore, Sounders FC reserves the right to monitor the use of Memberships to ensure the intent of their use is not detrimental to other market consumers or Members.

25. 50th Anniversary Alliance Flex Memberships. 50th Anniversary Flex Memberships will be defined as any 2024 Ticketing Flex Memberships purchased between the dates of August 16, 2023 and November 30, 2023. Credit associated to 2024 Flex Memberships must be applied towards 2024 Sounders FC Ticketing Products for the MLS regular season. Additional benefits of this membership include the following:

  • Price savings over Single Match Ticket pricing
  • Exclusive Alliance Member Gift
  • Option of rolling over any unused credit associated to their 2024 Flex Membership towards a 2025 Membership
  • One (1) MLS Season Pass

26. General Alliance Flex Memberships. General Flex Memberships will be defined as any 2024 Ticketing Flex Memberships purchased between the dates of December 1, 2023 and the end of the 2024 Membership sales cycle. Credit associated to 2024 Flex Memberships must be applied towards 2024 Sounders FC Ticketing Products for the MLS regular season. Additional benefits of this membership include the following:

  • Price savings over Single Match Ticket pricing
  • Exclusive Alliance Member Gift

Questions or Issues?

Call or text 877-657-4625 with questions, or email us at CustomerService@SoundersFC.com and a Membership Executive will be happy to assist you.

Accessible Seating

Lumen Field provides accessible and wheelchair convertible seats located throughout the stadium in a variety of price levels and viewpoints. These seats are fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Accessible seating and wheelchair locations are available on both a season and single match basis. For further information on locations and access appropriate options, please reach out to a Sounders Membership Executive at 877-657-4625.