Sounders Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Seattle Sounders FC Academy?

The Sounders FC Academy is where the some of the nations most talented soccer players come to train and play with the goal of signing for Seattle Sounders FC and earning a professional contract.

How are players selected for Sounders Academy?

Players are selected in a number of ways. Scout Identification Personal Player Application Youth Programs Identification

How is the Sounders Academy different than other clubs in the area?

Unlike other clubs, we are a professional soccer club that competes at the highest level in the USA and as such can offer the following: A chance to earn a professional contract and sign for Seattle Sounders FC First Team Team. A chance to earn a professional contract and sign for the Tacoma Defiance in MLS NEXT Pro. Coaching, guidance, evaluation and direct contact with Sounders FC First Team/Defiance coaches. Opportunities to training with the Seattle Sounders FC First Team. Opportunities to train and play in MLS NEXT Pro for Tacoma Defiance. Play in games at CenturyLink Stadium and compete in exclusive MLS events. Invitations to top level international tournaments with some of the world's best clubs.

What teams does the Sounders Academy have?

The Academy is composed of 2 full-time teams and 2 part-time teams:

  • U-13 Futures
  • U-14 Futures
  • U-15
  • U-17

What leagues do the Sounders Academy teams play in?

Our players are provided a variety of high level opportunities dependent on their age level:

  • Our U-13 and U-14 Futures team plays against MLS Clubs and participates in other special events.
  • Our U-15 and U-17 teams play in MLS NEXT and MLS Generation adidas Cup.

Is the Sounders Academy free or do I have to pay?

The Academy is free for all selected players and has many additional benefits. Such benefits include a comprehensive, experienced and qualified staff, equipment package for all full-time players (including full uniform and the latest adidas footwear), tickets to Seattle Sounders FC matches and other unique and exclusive opportunities.

Does the Sounders Academy provide housing for Academy athletes?

Effective February 2024, Sounders FC does not provide housing. Players looking to join Sounders FC Academy from out of the Greater Seattle area will be required to find their own housing solution.

Where does the Sounders Academy train?

Starfire Sports is the home of the Academy as well as the technical staff headquarters for the club. It is the training facility for the Seattle Sounders FC first team and the training and game facility for Tacoma Defiance.

What time do the Sounders Academy teams train?

Our U-17's train at 1:30 p.m. and our U-15's train at 4:45 p.m. during the week.

Can a Sounders Academy player sign a professional contract with the Seattle Sounders FC First Team?


Does participation in the Sounders Academy mean I lose NCAA eligibility?

No. All players retain their eligibility. Academy players are also permitted to play in professional matches with Tacoma Defiance and still maintain their college eligibility.

Will the Sounders Academy staff help with my college recruitment?

Yes. We have a wide network of college contacts and an impressive list of Academy alumni at some of the country's most impressive educational institutions.

Do Sounders Academy players ever get called into participate with the National Teams?

Yes. We have players from all ages that get called into camps and tournaments for their national team.

Is Sounders Academy on social media?

Yes! Follow us on Twitter @SoundersAcademy, Instagram @soundersfc_academy, and on

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