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The goal of our Academy is to play an integral role in promoting the long-term vision of the club by producing Homegrown Players comparable with the world’s elite. We strive to develop and attract intelligent and autonomous players who can adjust and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the game.

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The Academy Programs are the foundation to the Club’s overall Model. The pathway to a professional contract is clearly displayed, beginning as young as U-8 in our Discovery Program thanks to our partner clubs. Washington clubs provide the primary pool of players for Sounders Academy. Full-time U.S. Soccer Development Academy teams begin at the U-15 age group.

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Our Recruitment Department is always looking for the best talent to join the Academy. While the process is complex, it is important that the proper course of action is taken to ensure he will be a good fit to our Club. Research on the player is carried out via video, data and social media. References with market knowledge are identified and checked - These include US Soccer staff/scouts, college coaches and rival club coaches. Then, the players current club is contacted by Sounders staff. A previous relationship with club member is prioritized. Once his club can confirm they will allow him to trial with us, contact is made with his family to arrange an in-person trial. This includes training with the age appropriate team, tour of our training facility and meetings with other members of staff.

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The Academy aims to accelerate individual development for each player by exposing them to the global standard of soccer, including call-ups with the youth national team. Whether they are in our Discovery Program or full-time program, we promote all of our players to compete with their respective country.

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Explore Sounders Academy