Armed Services Group MP8


The Armed Services Group is an official sub-group of the ECS; we are a group formed not only by region but by our shared brotherhood of military service to country and our love of our Seattle Sounders. Our members are made of active duty, separated and retired service members, their families, and all those that support the Armed Services. Our members are not only stationed on the various military instillations here in the Puget Sound, but all over the United States and around the world. Yes it is a vast region that stretches clear across the world, but we always take a look back to Seattle and the Brougham End as home.

The main purpose of the ASG is to grow support for the Seattle Sounders among our fellow military service members and families. We show support not only here in the Puget Sound area but anywhere in the world that duty calls us. Last season we have developed a partnership with the Warrior Transition Battalion here on Joint Base Lewis-McCord. The ASG provided what we referred t o as the “ECS Match Day Experience” which included meeting fellow members of the ECS at Fuel our home pub in Downtown Seattle, The March to the Match, and to participating in chanting and singing along side us all down in the Brougham End. The Sounders Front Office helped and supported this idea by donating tickets to several games at the start this season for our program and that idea spurred our fellow members within the ECS and others outside of the ECS to donate tickets this season.

All donated tickets were used to provide that experience for the soldiers and families who are a part of Task Force Phoenix. We also participated in the on field events during the Military Appreation Day and look forward to continue both of these traditions in the years to come. We are currently developing a partnership with the Fisher House here on JBLM, and in the future looking to start new partnerships with other Veteran’s and military organizations across the Puget Sound to not only to support our beloved Sounders, but to show our support to our fellow veterans and service members.