Pride of the Sound MP8


Pride of the Sound is a loud and proud subgroup of the ECS. We take pride in supporting our Football Club while we live proudly as members of the LGBTQA community. We promote tolerance socially as well as strive to promote tolerance inside the supporter’s culture as well as inside a major MLS franchise. Whatever gender or orientation we claim, we are strong, loyal members of the ECS, and our mission is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for people to support the best way that they can.


We started this group with one key function in mind: support. Support for ECS members and support for our team. The idea of this group in its current form was planned over beers after a Sounders game early in the 2013 season. In June 2013, a few ECS members raised concerns about previous negative interactions, and the movement was made to create an environment where hostility towards others based on gender or orientation were not tolerated. It was a main goal to make sure that people felt comfortable in an environment that has been historically misrepresentative of homosexuality and the transgender community. We decided to start standing together proudly at the bottom of lower 122. This group is about connecting with people within our two families: the LGBTQA family and the ECS family.


We meet at Fuel Sports Bar before every home match, and you have probably seen us waive a rainbow flag somewhere between 121 and 123. During home matches, we can be found in Lower Section 122 of the stadium. When our boys are away, we are at the Lobby Bar in Capitol Hill chanting our hearts out. Throughout the year, we host many different events, support during away and home games, and visibility at ECS sanctioned events. Through our leadership inside of the subgroup, we have many ways to help support the communities that support us.