Fog City Faithful MP8


The Fog City Faithful are an official regional Emerald City Supporters subgroup of the Bay Area and Northern California areas. We are a contingent of Seattle Sounders FC supporters who meet during (and occasionally previous to, or after) the MLS season to watch games at our home pubs and support our boys on the pitch. In addition to meeting for TV viewings we also host the ECS pre-funk festivities for San Jose Earthquakes away matches. Our group has grown exponentially from a handful in 2009 to above 50 members currently.


Fog City Faithful ultimately began as Bay Area Sounders Supporters by Daniel Lee who had relocated to the California for work. The group was quite small and eventually became inactive. ECS member Daniel Todd then moved to the Bay Area in 2010, and a while later started up the group again under the name Bay Area Supporters, trying to get more members. The name was soon changed back to Bay Area Sounders Supporters to avoid confusion. Suzi Soroczak also relocated to the area for work, and Daniel and Suzi began work on making this a serious endeavor. Brian Haberly, among many others soon got involved sparking the group which now has a large contingent at both of our home pubs. Once we became an official subgroup we voted to change the name, since we were no longer worried about avoiding confusion without “Sounders Supporters” in the name, now that we were a part of the Emerald City Supporters. Our group name in 2013 became Fog City Faithful after the vote


The Fog City Faithful is first and foremost a soccer supporters group. In addition to viewing Sounders matches and hosting local away matches, we also come together for two-pole parties, MLS Cup viewings, membership drives, and two-pole parties. We sell scarves for the FCF, as well as patches which you can purchase through our website at Many members are active in organizing trips from the Bay Area to Seattle and other away matches, as well. At the end of the day, we support, wholeheartedly