Seattle Sounders East MP8

The Seattle Sounders East (SSE) is a group of supporters of Sounders FC based on the East Coast. The SSE attends all East Coast based MLS games that involve the Sounders.


Seattle Sounders East (SSE) is an official subgroup of the ECS. We are formed by members that are currently living or visiting anywhere ‘out east’. Our main focus is on the east coast in the regions of DC, Philly, New York, and Boston. This is due to their proximity to our MLS opposition and to the ease of transportation of our members between those cities.


The Seattle Sounders East was established at the start of the Sounders’ second season, 2010. The large turnouts to the 2009 US Open Cup Final at RFK, Washington DC and other East Coast trips showed the local Sounders supporters that there were many more like-minded supporters living ‘out east.’ SSE was established to better coordinate support in this region of the United States and to provide the best Brougham End experience away from Royal Brougham Park.


SSE provides this home away from home experience for all of us Seattle expats by producing tifo, assisting the travel monkeys with local coordination, providing outreach to local supporters and most of all bringing the noise on gameday. SSE is also providing assistance to other eastern cities to help coordinate their own match viewings and match day activities; specifically Chicago and Toronto. Being a part of Seattle Sounders East consists of attending local viewing parties and being a part of trips to DC, Philly, New York, Columbus and New England, we encourage all to become official paid members of ECS.